F Visa

“F” Visa

F-1 Visa

This visa is issued to persons who are entering the United States temporarily as students and solely for the purpose of pursuing a course of study at an established institution of learning or other recognized place of study in the United States.  Such persons must pursue a full course of study.  An educational institution which the student will attend must be approved by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

F-2 Visa

This visa category is reserved for qualifying family members of the F-1 visa holder.  Qualifying family members included spouses and unmarried children under 21 years of age of the primary F-1 visa holder.

F-3 Visa

This category is reserved for commuter students from Canada and Mexico, who may attend school part time or full time in the United States.

The F visa category involves many complicated issues regarding course load, consular processing, transfer, change of status, optional practical training and employment in the United States.   Please contact our office for more detailed information regarding F visas.

Contact Murat Berdyev, Esq., a New Jersey Immigration Attorney who possess the necessary skills and experience to help you navigate through the process of applying for a nonimmigrant visa.  Please contact our office at (732) 596-1235 for an in-person consultation.

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