M Visa

“M” Visa


This visa classification is very similar to that of an F-1 visa.  However, this visa is issued to students who come to the United States to engage in vocational or nonacademic course of study.  Among the differences between M visa and an F-l visa is that M visa can only be authorized to reduce course load for medical reasons and only for a maximum aggregate period of 5 months.

The M visa holder is not allowed to engage in an online or distance courses.  The maximum period for which an M visa can be issued is limited to 3 years.  There are few more differences in the M classification.

The M-2 nonimmigrant visa allows the dependent spouse and children under 21 years old of a qualified M-1 student visa holder to enter the U.S.  Similar to the F-1 visa, M visa has a sub-classification of M-2, which is accorded to dependent spouse or child under 21 years of the M-1 applicant.

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